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Forever Forgotten

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Site Spotlight

The neosite spotlight!

Can somebody tint the lights lime for me??

This month's site spot light goes to (drum roll please):
He has been awarded for his awesome purple ness (hint the background theme of this page)!  He has a purple shop, purple pets, purple petpets, purple cards, purple layouts, purple everything!!  Click on the link above or below to check him out!

Want to have your site in the spot light or advertised on Forever Forgotten?  Go to the Contact Us page and type in the key words: "I love me" to be entered into the contest!  Note:  Not all sites that apply will be used on Forever Forgotten.  Some will get a response, others might not.  If you do not make it into the Site Spotlight, it is not personal.  All enteries are considered.  Thank you for your time.

I'm not quiet, I'm plotting.