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Forever Forgotten


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Gossip, news, chitty-chat, blabber, nobody really cares what you call it.

Well, this is the news page.  But really, its just random gab.  Neopets is down again, my guess is that they're changing the pet pages and pet look ups.  Five neopoints says I'm right?  Five neopoints, why don't I just go trade or sell one of my unbuyable items and get like 5 million?  Blah blah blah.  Anyway, onto the real news.  Okay, so . . . well my dad, on the computer next to me, is currently playing an online game called like sticky or something.  Basically, you're a guy sitting in a chair.  A guy across the table from you throws you a little paper ball, you click, and it either goes into the trash can or misses.  I always thought it was pretty lame to sit in a chair and throw paper (what a waste of trees!) into a trash can, this takes it to a whole new level.  Normally, I'd be trashing the player of this abnormally pathetic game, but he's my father so I think I'll skip straight to the real scare.  Who in their right mind would think up a game like that?  What?  Too lazy to crinkle up a piece of paper and throw it at a trash can that you have to invent a game where you just stare click stare click stare click stare click stare click?  I'm dying to play the game.  I don't want to ask where he got it though, that would be so lame.  I really really really want to play.  It looks like so me.  Maybe I'll just casually sneak a peak over every once in a while until I can get the url.  I think I'm going to piss my pants, this is so killing me.  Ok, I got it!  Let me go play.  That was the saddest thing I have ever seen.  It took me like five minutes to even catch the paper ball.  The guy across the table was all insulting me and I was like "my bad" "milk and potatoes."  But the game was totally awesome!  Going back to play.  Hum dee dum. . .  The most pathetic thing is that about three million misses this dude says: "the wind messed with that one."  Hello, we're inside!  And the funny one was "that must have been a glitch in the matrix."  Okay, now I'm definately quiting.  The guy on the other side of the table goes: "lucky" after I finally make one.  I think that guy is a total jerk.  The guy thta you are playing is perfect for me, he says "shut up and feed me."  I think its love at first sight.  Well, I'll share the lame ness with you know. Lamo how could you? 

This is currently being updated. Please check back soon to see Tigger's Twist of the neopian news! 




New news . . . new news . . . new news . . . new news . . . watch me, I'll be saying this for months.

I'm not quiet, I'm plotting.