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Forever Forgotten

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Some people might find me odd for being a self trained html personater, but I don't.  I learned from a lot of sites the language of html and I really thank them for helping me out.  I usually don't credit the sites I get everything from because I rarely use the actual codes they give me. Most of the time I will just take a picture and use it as an icon or something.  I guess I felt a little bit guilty so I decided to dedicate this page these sites that have helped me out.

This is funky chicken, it helped me out with all of the text areas and fonts.  It has everything from links to music to fonts.  Totally love it.                  
This is some random site I found trying to figure out how to fix a picture in the lower right hand corner of the screen, and found so much more.  Sadly, it has no link, so I'll do it myself, give back, you know? 
This next one I have used in pretty much every page I can.  I love the transparency code and the fade code.  It really adds flavor for me.  And the backgrounds are really cool. 
I can't find a link for this next site, so I'll just give you the website.  I didn't really like the website, it ran really slow.  And I only used it for a music code or two, and an animation which after like a day or two crashed (most likely due to the slowness of the site.)
This next one is basically just a huge-a-mungus site full of help.  Its like WHOA!
And the last link is just to neopets, because that's why I created this website. Smiles.  _tigger_is_me_ got their Neopet at


To my people. . .

I'm not quiet, I'm plotting.