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Forever Forgotten

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Advertise You

Here is where you can sign your website up to be on Forever Forgotten with a link and a photo.

A lot of people have been asking how they can get their website up on the credits page or just any where around the site.  So, I caved and now you can sign your site up in to the left, just state your web site url and why you want to be recognized and anything else you want to add.  Have fun, and remeber that not every site that is submitted will get a listing.

Advertise You:
Why not have your website advertised around Forever Forgotten? Come on, try it out! All you have to do is follow the instructions to the bottom left, and chances are that your site will be accepted! Give it a try...

Insert your info here, also be sure to include your e-mail address or some way to contact you.

So fun!

I'm not quiet, I'm plotting.